Thank you for joining our Hide & Seek Campaign.

All winners will be announced on Feb 25th 1PM UTC.


Campaign Name: Hide & Seek – Finding the LuxApe

Date:18th Feb (10 AM UTC) to 24th Feb (10 AM UTC)
Rewards:LuxApe NFT – Lovelace x LuxFi Edition, $LXF, $LACE, USDT
Top 1LuxApe NFT – Lovelace Edition1 WinnerFound most LuxApes
Random 10 Participants50 $LXF10 WinnersRandom Participants
Random 10 Participants70 $LACE10 WinnersRandom Participants
Random 10 Participants10 USDT10 WinnersRandom Participants
Results Announcement:25th Feb (1 PM UTC)
Reward Distribution:Within 1 week after the Results Announcement
Requirements:LuxFi Marketplace & Lovelace Marketplace members

How To Join – Login, Find & Catch LuxApes:

Log into LuxFi Marketplace (

Find all the LuxApes that are hiding in LuxFi’s marketplace, catch them by recording the locations and submit all the URLs here (

Tips That You Don’t Want To Miss Out:

Follow LuxFi ( & Lovelace (, we will drop you tips where you can find the LuxApes easily on our marketplaces.

Join LuxFi’s Telegram ( & Lovelace’s Telegram (, discuss the game with our communities. Stay tuned and stay active! Maybe our teams will tell you where you can catch the LuxApes.

There are a total of 40 LuxApes hiding on LuxFi’s marketplace. You can only catch them 60 times by submitting the links (URLs) during the whole campaign.

Don't catch the wrong Apes, if you enter the wrong links more than 10 times, you will not be able to collect all the LuxApes.

TOP 10

RankingWallet AddressNumber of Apes Found